First post (by Finn)

Okay, Snake Hill Games. It’s on!

So, I’m Finn and I like to make games. Other things too, but most of them are at least somewhat game-related. A little while ago, I made a whole game and released it, but unfortunately not that many people played it, and I have resolved that next time I make a game I will at least have talked about it on the internet a bit before release. This blog represents my attempts to do that.

Probably there’ll be lots of different things posted here. Eventually, it will be a place to talk about my/our next proper gaming project, but it’s not really far enough along or sufficiently concrete to talk about yet – in the mean time, I’m planning some articles about game design, weird or interesting tech that I have worked or am working on, and other random game development things too. I’m interested in lots of aspects of game development, but things I write will tend towards the subjects of shader and graphics programming and procedural generation. If I can’t think of anything better to write, I might throw in some tutorials and stuff like that. I probably won’t be the only one talking about stuff here, but I’ll leave it up to the other members to explain themselves.

So that’s that. Once I’ve written something more interesting, I’ll start spreading this blog around. If you somehow found your way here before that happens, apologies for the lack of content but stay tuned!