Returning from hiatus with Sprite Lamp

Okay so, I’ve been pretty absent around these parts. To some extent that’s because I’m a socially backwards hermit who hates the internet, but it’s also because I’ve been working on something that I haven’t gone public with yet. ¬†Well, now I have, and that something is called Sprite Lamp.

Unlike everything else I’ve ever worked on or thought about working on, Sprite Lamp is not a game but a tool (for games). It’s all about combining dynamic lighting with 2D art. I think it’s kind of cool. You can read some details about Sprite Lamp or just enjoy this picture of the logo for it, at your leisure. I will be talking a bit more about this kind of stuff on social media, or at least trying to, in the near future, so that’s something to look forward to, too.

I’m going to be going all Kickstarter with this thing as soon as Kickstarter lets Australian projects go live, which is November the 13th. Wish me luck.